1. "The problem with being “just friends” is I have to watch you be with someone who doesn’t deserve you when I could do so much better."
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  2. "Look at all the negative things that happened in your life as things that needed to happen in order to bring you to where and who you need to be. Look at the progress you’ve made. The strength you’ve gained. The lessons you’ve learned. You wouldn’t be who you are today without those experiences, and when you start seeing negative experiences in this light, you regain your power and stop seeing yourself as a victim."
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    Scene Queens: Where Are They Now?

    Episode One

    i didn’t know just how badly i needed to see this

    How do you even finds these people?

    3/5 have Hello Kitty necklaces in their Myspace pictures..haha

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    "The Space Debris"
    (A Classique Daily Doodle from 7/10/2011)

    Young Brian Jennings, as brave a 9 year old as one could ever hope to meet, was out to prove that children have a place in space and could be counted on as valuable contributors to modern scientific research of our solar system.

    Since the last 3 child astronauts all died terribly during their respective missions, a captivated home audience is watching Brian’s spacewalk unfold as he attempts to repair a signal wire that was broken on purpose so he could fix it in front of the world.

    Just as the mission was going perfectly, an old spy satellite left over from the Cold War happens by and smacks him square on the head.

    The space debris knocks him unconscious, and he floats off aimlessly before being sucked into the Sun live on international television (thankfully, his helmet-cam was not damaged by the impact of the debris).

    His death leads to short-sighted sweeping legislation prohibiting astronauts younger than 11 going on solo space missions, causing the United States to fall perilously behind in child-based space research. 

    The nation never recovers, and is sold to Red China in an online auction.

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    this changes everything oh my god

    do you understand why it trips me out that people can drive 45 minutes and be in aNOTHER COUNTRY?

    I drive for 45 minutes and im like

    a city over 

    I live in “Italy” and took a day trip to go to “Austria” and “Germany”

     #it is literally impossible to leave texas #you will be in texas #FOREVER

    Chums, that’s sweet, and all, but Australia just ate Texas for breakfast. 


    If you drive for 45 minutes in Australia you aren’t a city over, you’re just 45 minutes away from the city.

    If you drive for 45 minutes in Australia you may not even leave the cattle station.


    If you drive for 45 minutes in Canada you may not even leave your driveway.

    If I drive 45 minutes in the us I’m just at another mcdonalds

    If I drive for 45 minutes in Northern Ireland I’m 10 minutes into the sea.

    I can’t drive. 

    this post turned out really weird

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    i wrote my art goals/artist statement for the next 100 years.


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    Emails from the House Sitter [grimmalkin/picrequests]

    Haha, for next time

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    Me at parties

    That’s basically my only dance move. 

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    So much same

    Me at prom

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    "Tell me all the bad words you know. Go."


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